Participants’ Feedback

I have never been in the company of so many great conductors in the same place, at the same time! The orchestra is also brilliant and their level of musicianship, ensemble and technique is absolutely sensational. A ‘one rehearsal’ orchestra par excellence! I learnt so much from watching them and the other conductors work. Conductors came from all over the USA, Asia, Europe and the United Kingdom – Music Directors, Associate Conductors, Doctors of music, Orchestra members from the best orchestras in the world and aspiring maestros all the same wanting to take a significant step forward in their reputation as a conductor.
Matheu Kieswetter, Johannesburg

The conducting masterclasses with Achim Holub and the London Classical Soloist are an excellent program that combines your formation as a conductor with a complete professional experience offered by an outstanding orchestra.
It's simply perfect!
Rubén Sanchez Vieco, Madrid

The London April 2017 Masterclass with Achim Holub was a truly inspiring experience that reinforced my love for music and my passion for conducting.
As a teacher, Achim is incredibly encouraging and he really helped me to develop a greater sense of confidence as a conductor and in projecting my musical ideas.
The players of the London Classical Soloists, all highly proficient, are wonderfully supportive and very easy to get along with, demonstrating a high degree of sensitivity and flexibility.
It was clear that both Achim and the orchestra were completely dedicated to helping us to develop as conductors.
Sameer Alladin, Port of Spain

I would like to thank you again for a wonderful experience in London. I believe that this was one of the most positive experiences I've had since I had begun to conduct. Your positivity and support, together with the wonderful atmosphere and open communication with the orchestra members have truly created perfect conditions for me at this point in my professional and personal life. They allowed me to learn so much about myself and how I think about music, connect to it and experience it, while gaining more confidence in communicating my ideas about the score and emotional experiences to the members of the orchestra, and, hopefully, also the audience.
Thank you for this opportunity, your valuable feedback and priceless advice.
Yael Front, Cincinnati

It was an experience that made me grow and from which I could learn many things. The London Classical Soloists are an exceptional orchestra and I felt perfectly at ease with them.
Davide Bontempo, Milano

Thank you very much for a wonderful course! I enjoyed the excellent teachings of Achim and Christof and the high level of the orchestra. It was a pleasure!
Roit Feldenkreis, Tel Aviv

The masterclass and competition were an ideal setting for musical freedom and growth. During the workshop, Maestro Holub discussed aspects of classical interpretation, which I found immensely thought-provoking and which have influenced my approach to studying classical scores. The workshop staff are supportive and want each conductor to achieve positive growth. I look forward to my continued contact with the staff as I continue to grow as a conductor.
Karin Hendrickson, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

First of all, I want to thank Achim and Christof for the very good masterclass I was lucky to attend! It was an extraordinary experience and I appreciate your very useful and valuable advice. But I particularly enjoyed working with the London Classical Soloists, who are a really good team.
Olivier Murith, Villars-sur-Glâne

I felt that I've learned a lot and, even though I realise how difficult it is to start a career in this field, my experience in London reinforced my will not to give up on that idea. The feeling of receiving from the orchestra so much love and enthusiasm for music is absolutely one of the best experiences one can have in life. I also very much appreciated the fantastic teaching, the good organisation, how extremely fair all the choices have been, and how much I felt that both Achim and Christof really gave each one personal attention besides a collaboration feeling with the whole class and orchestra.
Camilla Rossetti, Paris

Achim, thank you and Christof for the course and the time spent to share what you know with us. It was eye-opening.
Pamela Soria, Ciudad de México

I would like to thank you again for your guidance during my time in London. Some "take-aways" that I have already put into practice include:
-How to stand to exhibit stability and confidence. A simple enough concept, yet one that had never been demonstrated or spelled out to me. Sometimes it takes just the right teacher to get a point across to a student, and that was you for me.
-The continued reminder that less is more, gesturally speaking. Especially with the London Classical Soloists, it was amazing to watch you lead them with so few, and yet so effective, gestures.
Dan Whisler, Louisville, Kentucky

Thanks a lot Achim and Christof for giving me this chance, I got so many things to learn during these days, it was not just learning about conducting.
Through the work we did, you made me feel and understand more the deep meaning about music and the real meaning about being an orchestra conductor. Thanks also to the musicians in the orchestra, they are so great.
When I was on stage with them I just felt we all were like waves in the ocean of music, we had fused together and moved together, I really enjoyed this kind of feeling with them.
Jianning Zhu, Genève